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RecMin es un potente software de uso similar a los paquetes de software comercial ya conocidos por la industria minera, como: Minesitgh, Vulcan, Surpac, Micromine, Gemcom, Datamine, etc. La diferencia es que RecMin es de uso gratuito. Se dictan cursos en varias partes del mundo. Para américa latina es promovido por Yhonny Ruiz a través de SolMine. La web de descarga del software es: Para cursos/entrenamientos en américa latina la web es: y


Direct Block Scheduling (DBS)



What is Direct Block Scheduling?

During decades, the mining industry has dealt with scheduling as a step-by-step process. This traditional technology has been established in an intelligent manner in face of the technological limitations of that time. The conventional methodology, in general, consists of three main stages: pit optimization with nested pits (LG algorithm); the definition of pushbacks; and scheduling of benches within pushbacks. Intermediate manipulations and cycles over these steps might be required, so that a higher NPV could be achieved.

Direct Block Scheduling (DBS) is an alternative to this step-wise process. Although it has been studied for almost 50 years, it has become feasible only after the 64-bits technology. DBS works in a single step, going straight from the resource block model to the scheduling results.

Given that this subject is more specific in the mine planning environment, and it’s rich of potential topics to be discussed, this group has been created. Here, technical contents, opportunities, and ideas for collaboration will be posted, and industry/academy/software companies could interact, aiming to shift technology in this direction.

DBS should consider all mining periods simultaneously. Ongoing challenges for this technology are the operational/geometrical parameters, stockpiles, blending and other constraints to be considered within the same optimization framework. Stochastic mine planning should also be considered as part of a more assertive and global optimization.

True collaboration is key in this new world of easy global communication. We should always look for ways to help research centers, mining consultants and mining/software companies to achieve higher levels in their understanding and plans for the near future. This collaborative environment could be extended beyond small agreements to a focused place, where we share challenges and future plans within our field.

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Software Minero RecMin combinado con SGeMS para estimar recursos minerales y diseñar o modelar una mina. Dirigido a Ingenieros Geólogos, Ingenieros de Minas, consultores, empresas y estudiantes de las ramas en mención.

GEOESTADISTICA y Estimación de Recursos y Reservas Minerales


Pueden dejar sus consultas y experiencias aquí: esperando la disponibilidad y cortesía de los que ya poseen conocimiento nos quieran compartir sus conclusiones en cuanto a temas como Kriging, Variograma, declaración de reservas, uso de software…


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